The Office Moving Alliance, LLC, “OMA”, is a partnership of successful office movers that spans the globe. Office Moving Alliance partners include large footprint transportation companies, capable office moving companies, logistics companies, final mile specialists, hybrid office movers and installation service providers, Office Moving Alliance can pick up and set down any object(s) anywhere on planet Earth. All OMA partners work within the infrastructure and under the guidance of OMA’s professional executive staff. We are capable, competent people, working in a technologically centric “working for you, with you” culture that is based upon listening to you, detail, and completion.

OMA Partner Members Serving You Around the Globe

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Worldwide Business Moving

Your Business Mobility Needs

Every business has regular business mobility needs. Every business buys from its suppliers, sells to its clients, and constantly “moves things” in the process. That movement may be office moving internal or external to the office, “moves, adds, changes (MAC)” as departments increase and shrink in size, moving the company or divisions of the company to new buildings, transporting product or assets to remote sites, the receipt, storage, inventory control, and installation of new furniture or equipment, FF&E projects, final mile white glove deliveries, etc.


OMA is a local, national, and global provider of business mobility resources. Those resources include our OMA members physical locations, their experienced mindshare, their tenured employee resources. OMA’s member resources are more geographically extensive than any business mobility company in business today.


If you need a “one contact; all fifty states”, or a “one contact; planet Earth”, then a call to OMA or an OMA Partner can set that relationship in place.

OMA’s Business Mobility Strategy

OMA’s Business Mobility Strategy is simple; “No Surprises”. OMA exists to provide its clients and it’s fellow OMA Partners with valuable office moving, transportation, storage, installation, decommission, etc. services that always meet two key descriptions; “stable service” and “predictable results”. Recognizing that OMA services are pieces of larger client puzzles, we focus on being the piece that can be counted upon.


OMA’s constant focus on “No Surprises”, starts with its culture of “stable” resources. Quality metric tracking / service analysis is part of every OMA task. OMA’s culture of “predictable” is defined by our complete commitment to quality resources and quality process”. OMA’s commitment to its clients and partners is that they can contract with OMA without the worry of consequent issues, knowing that if there is an issue, OMAs full time professional staff is there as a “next level call” to attend to that issue immediately and completely.

Business Moving Strategy
Business Moving with a Global Reach

OMA Members Global Reach

What is “OMA Global Reach”? The simple answer is the that it is OMA Partners ability to pick up, work with, or put down an object anywhere on the globe on your behalf. How? Aside from the great job that OMA does serving local and national client relationships, OMA is also an international partnership. Our value to our clients is that we work with, meet with, confer with our American, Canadian, Mexican, South American, European, and Asian partners on a consistent and supportive basis. When we work on international projects; we are working with known good partners all over the world; not strangers.


OMA is a text book definition of the words “synergy; the sum of the parts are greater than the whole”. When you work with a OMA Partner you work with the consistency of OMA’s process; on time, qualitative, and with complete results. Whether a local, national, or global office moving project, a receiving, commercial storage, distribution, and installation project, a healthcare or hospitality project, OMA is a stable and predictable choice.

Clients That OMA Partners Have Served!

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