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Every successful organization has a story of how a vision collided with opportunity. This is exactly where the beginnings of the Office Moving Alliance, LLC (OMA) can be traced.

It was founded in 2007 by a small group of like-minded market leaders in the office moving industry who recognized a need to develop a better way to service clients on a local, regional, and national scale within a highly fragmented industry. Since those humble beginnings, OMA has grown to be a global presence in the commercial and industrial relocation sector. 

Differentiating ourselves by:

Based Solutions

OMA is an “Asset-Based” network of partners versus the more traditional third-party model. In the third-party scenario, there is a facilitator that, often times, coordinates the project from a distance. They will develop a scope for the client and then use that information to competitively bid independent contractors.

Frequently, the ultimate service provider is not part of the planning conversations leaving a higher chance of inefficiencies and communication breakdown during the project.

OMA is built on a highly competent, experienced, and financially sound organization of rigorously vetted commercial relocation companies.  Membership into OMA is by invitation only so that core customer and performance values can be measured and maintained. 

Each of our members have a fully functioning operation that includes fleets of vehicles, specialized equipment, climate-controlled warehouse facilities, professional sales teams and top of the industry leadership.

Fair & Transparent

Our Asset-Based Platform Pricing Model


OMA utilizes a proprietary, web-based program for entry and management of all National Account Work Order Service Requests. Our platform allows OMA service partners, as well as end users, to have “real-time” information before, during, and after the project.

We are exclusive by design; it is a challenge to join our ranks. We test, evaluate, and challenge our members carefully; ensuring quality, safety, and fiscal stability. We choose only the finest members, those who meet our standards and exceed those of our clients.

Our commitments


From project management to final mile logistics, we have you covered.


Successful documentation of compliance with the current relocation standards.


We use a stringent set of metrics to ensure quality and reduce project spend.


Always available, timely, properly equipped, and ready to service any deadline.


Highly trained account leads, project managers, foremen, and crews.


Full-service specialists, regardless the location or breadth of your project.


New ideas, industry trends, planning processes, and efficient move strategies.


We will customize our pricing, billing, and processes to meet our clients needs.


Sole-solution providers: people, equipment, warehouses, software, and management.

OMA Europe

To meet the needs of our customers, OMA Europe provides a diversified range of services, delivered locally. Our quality standards ensure a consistent, end-to-end moving experience that is stress-free.


OMA is a for-profit, LLC organization that is professionally managed by a group of individuals; each having over 20+ years of leadership in the Commercial Moving Industry.

They are assisted by a dedicated, experienced staff with years of experience servicing large National/International accounts.  

In addition, the organizational strategic plan, goals, and fiscal oversight is led by an elected Board of Directors made up of 7 members, who are each leaders in OMA Partners.

Board members serve 3 year terms in a rotating order, ensuring consistent management and oversight of all strategic goals.

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