What is the Office Moving Alliance?

The Office Moving Alliance is an international network of commercial moving, storage, and installation specialists servicing many of the largest companies in the world. We share common values—a commitment to quality, safety and integrity—and we rely on one another for improving our skills and abilities.

The Office Moving Alliance was founded in 2007 when 24 of the best office moving companies in the world came together to help businesses make their moves. Today, the Office Moving Alliance consists of 42 members in over 100 cities in 12 countries around the world. And best of all, when you use the Office Moving Alliance for your corporate relocation, you’ll have one point of contact, no matter how difficult the move.

Is the Office Moving Alliance affiliated with a van line?

The Office Moving Alliance is NOT a van line. Each member organization is invited to join on its individual merits and is accepted into the Office Moving Alliance only after submitting a proven track record of success, profitability, ingenuity and dedication to the business community. Furthermore, each Alliance member is required to adhere to a stringent set of satisfaction ratings and quality service metrics that are customer driven, as well as fellow-member driven.

What does the Office Moving Alliance do to help our employees cope with a move?

Your Office Moving Alliance consultant will familiarize you and your employees with the entire move process via packing and moving seminars. Our commitment is to satisfy every concern and question you have, before and during the move process.

Is the Office Moving Alliance capable of helping our company perform packing services?

Absolutely. The Office Moving Alliance supplies environmentally friendly plastic crates, secure computer crates, specialized records storage cartons or any container necessary to facilitate your relocation. In addition, we have experienced packers that can pack everything for you if you so choose.

What kind of manpower and equipment does the Office Moving Alliance have?

The Office Moving Alliance has in excess of 15,000 movers, 7,500 vehicles, 42,000 four-wheel dollies, 3,000 panel carts, 20,000 speed packs and 200+ miles of masonite.

Is The Office Moving Alliance a union or non-union mover?

The Office Moving Alliance has an appropriate union affiliation in every market in which we do business. This gives us a unique position in that we can work in every building in every location. Very few companies can claim this type of workforce flexibility.

Does The Office Moving Alliance have warehouse space available?

Each Office Moving Alliance member has sufficient temperature controlled, secured warehouse space suitable for any storage need. Each of our facilities offers racked storage space, as well as open floor space, and has a fully operational security system.

Does The Office Moving Alliance provide out-of-state transportation services?

The Office Moving Alliance has the capabilities and resources to transport goods anywhere in the United States, and for that matter, around the world. We handle truckload and less-than-truckload shipments, and have a network of over 1,000 agents to call upon for origin and destination work.

What type of insurance coverage does the Office Moving Alliance have?

The Office Moving Alliance carries the following insurance coverage for the protection of your company as well as ours:


  • Legal liability ($.30 per pound per article at no charge)
  • Workmen’s compensation
  • Auto, public liability and property damage
  • Cargo insurance
  • Contractor’s and manufacturer’s (general)
  • Public liability
  • We can also provide replacement value protection at an additional charge


What if I have a claim? How does the Office Moving Alliance handle that situation?

In the unlikely event that you have a claim, the Office Moving Alliance has an inside claims department that will proceed with repairs and/or other settlements as necessary, based on the type of valuation coverage chosen by you prior to your move. Any claim will be settled within 10 days of your claim notification unless replacement parts need to be ordered.

Who will be my contact person when I use the Office Moving Alliance?

When companies get in touch with OMA, they will be assigned one contact person to facilitate the move. The Office Moving Alliance member will be assigned based on proximity to your business and also based on the demands of the move. For more information contact us.

How does one become a member of the Office Moving Alliance?

Joining OMA requires an intensive review of the applicant’s people, equipment, facilities, and processes. Members must achieve the highest customer satisfaction and possess and display enthusiasm of the OMA family of members. It is a source of pride to be an OMA member. Find out more about becoming a member.