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To be the leading provider of office relocation services, new furniture installations, and commercial storage in the world.

For our clients, our Alliance simply means a single point of contact from Cheyenne to Shanghai, from Paris to Paducah, or from London to Lisbon.

More important than the services we provide, are the people who provide them. Our members are well known, enjoy stellar reputations and are leaders in their respective marketplaces. We know one another personally as we have worked on projects together for many years. And, we share common values—a commitment to quality, safety and integrity—and we constantly rely on one another for improving our skills and abilities.

We are exclusive by design; it is a challenge to join our ranks. We test, evaluate and challenge our members carefully, ensuring quality, safety and fiscal stability. We choose only the finest members—those who meet our standards and exceed those of our clients.

Our members promise to be:


We will bring new ideas and industry trends into your planning processes to make your move more efficient, seamless and smooth.


We will do business with you the way you want us to. We will customize pricing, billing and processes to meet your needs.


We will have the desire, people, equipment, warehouses, software, management and capital to be your sole-solution provider.


We will arrive on time and properly equipped to meet your schedule and deadlines.


Our account managers, project managers, foremen, and crews are highly trained and ready to serve.


We are full-service companies ready to act as your single point-of-responsibility relocation specialists regardless of the location and breadth of your project.

Our certifications include:

  • Written safety and employment policies
  • Compliance with all equipment and facilities safety regulations
  • Facilities and equipment that meet or exceed OHSA standards
  • Proper insurance (Office Moving Alliance Standards)
  • Stringent hiring practices including pre-hire screening and on-going drug screening
  • LEED initiatives
  • Compliance with all policies, procedures and by-laws of the Office Moving Alliance