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Office Moving Alliance, LLC, OMA, is a partnership of successful Business Mobility providers that spans the globe. Comprised of large footprint, capable office moving companies, logistics companies, final mile specialists, hybrid office moving and installation service providers, OMA can pick up and set down anything anywhere on planet Earth. OMA’s Member Owners and service providers span the globe. We are capable, competent people, working in a “working for you, with you” culture that is based upon detail and completion.

OMA Services Available to OMA Clients; local, national, global.

Office Moving Alliance “WIYCHE”:

“WIYCHE”: what If you could have everything?

Office Moving Alliance

Sum of the Parts, Greater than the Whole

OMA: The Invisible

What the Eye Doesn’t See, The Ear Doesn’t Hear, The Mouth Didn’t Ask.

Contract Furniture Service

Elegant Environments

Mid-Market Furniture Services

Solutions, Lead Times, Economics

Pre-Move Paper/Object Purging

Saves You MONEY

Office Moving Services

Same Day, Small & Large Project, Contract Moves / Adds / Changes

Furniture Installation

Configure & Reconfigure Furniture, FF&E, Shelving, etc.

Technical Services

PC/Peripheral De/Reconnect Low Voltage Cabling, PC Switch Out

Final Clean Services

Clear the space and the plenum Return the lease space to the landlord specs

Furniture Liquidation Services

Recover locked in value re used inventory Remove/Dispose, Liquidate, Auction

Decommission Services

Clear it, Clean it, Shine it Return a complete space to Landlord

Logistics & Warehouse

Receive – Manage – Deliver – Install

Final Mile Delivery

Short Haul, Small or Large Item Commercial or Residential

Office Moving Alliance

We can pick up or put down objects anywhere on the planet