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Contacting OMA

Contacting OMA is easy. You are right in the midst of “everything OMA”; credibility, education, contact information, tooling, etc. right there at your fingertips. Our website is like working with our Partner Members; easy and focused on results.

Discovery Meeting

Having reached out and been introduced to OMA, you physically or logically (teleconference, telephone, email, etc.) meet to learn about you, about OMA, about the OMA Mobility Strategy that will meet your needs. You will leave that meeting with the detailed contact information of your new OMA Partner, and with a clear understanding of what the “Next Steps” will be re your personal Workspace Mobility Plan.

Needs Review

“Needs Review”; as in your needs – OMA services are designed to meet your needs as an OMA client, thus we need to know what those needs are. Either in a physical or logical meeting, we listen, review plans, documents, rfps, and contracts with you. OMA starts with listening to you and then listening some more.

Service Proposal

Your OMA Account Manager will propose OMA Mobility Services directly to you per your needs analysis and your desires. Your OMA Proposal will be complete to you needs, no matter if those needs are local, national, or global. Your OMA Account Manager will be able to weave the entirety of OMA’s resources into your Workspace Mobility proposal.

Project/Task Planning

When you accept OMA’s Workspace Mobility Proposal, you move forward to the OMA Project/Planning step of your service provision. It is time to take the What, Why, When, Where, Who detail from your proposal and turn it into Working plans, Working documents, Working teams. The result is “same page” communication across the teams, and services completely focused on your project.

Service Provision

In “Mobility Language”, this is where the rubber meets the road; providing the OMA’s proposed services in a qualitative, communicated, and completion focused manner. Now is when you really get acquainted to OMA’s strength; the OMA Partner Members and their resources. Each OMA Partner Member meets stringent qualifications for Partnership and Membership within the OMA Relocation Mobility Strategy, both at inception and periodically thereafter. Your bottom line is that you will be satisfied with your services. If not, instead of a concern with a firm far away, you have the power of OMA in your hand to attend to any issues that you have.


With services provided, project completions in hand, you will receive timely, accurate, and well defined invoices in the manner that you request. Whether snail mailed, hand delivered in paper format, or submitted via your preferred CRM, you will not have to wait and wonder when an OMA project or service invoice will arrive. We want you to review invoices while you remember the work! OMA accepts all normal forms of payment; business checks, credit cards, purchasing cards, wire and ach transfers.