Our leadership team will

minimize the risk,

cost, and downtime of your relocation.

Global Reach, Consistent Execution.

Step 1: Allow to take the lead

We will be responsible for every aspect of your office relocation, and work with your organization to guide your team and processes. We also specialize in asset management, inventory management, and facilities management.

Step 2: Clarify requirements

We will define exactly what you are looking for in your new or existing office space. Taking into consideration size, facilities, location, type, and style of building. We even have an office space calculator that will allow us to work out how much office space you are going to need, or how to better plan your existing space.

Step 3: Build a

Your office relocation checklist will guide us through the entire office relocation project and outline which tasks need to be done – and when. It will serve as our road map to successfully satisfying your requirements.

Step 4: Find new space

If we are not re-working your existing space, we can help you align ourselves with a team who will be responsible for finding and securing the right office space on your behalf. Their role is invaluable in negotiating the a favorable office lease deal on your behalf with the Landlord.

Step 5: Office planning

Whether it’s your existing space or your new office, ensuring it’s fully functional and an inspiring place to visit and work, is paramount. We will incorporate our review of your working practices, culture, and corporate image; advising on color scheme, office furniture, and space layout.

Step 6: Plan your relocation

Relocating computers, phone systems, servers, etc. requires logistical planning, and we will ensure we have all bases covered with your business critical equipment.

Step 7: Relocate company

We will execute the remaining tasks needed to complete your office relocation; on time, on budget, and with minimum-to-no disruption to your day-to-day business operations.

Step 8: your new space

Your team can count on OMA to make sure your space continues to be functional and inspiring. We can also continue to support your asset management, inventory management, and facilities management requirements.

Start your project, !

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