Return to Office

Step One:


There will be anxiety as employees re-enter the workplace.

An enthusiastic welcome and will ease their transition.

  • Help by moving employee’s items from home back into their office
  • Offer customized adjustments to sit/stand desks, seating and tele/data positioning
  • Provide personalized employee-directed cleaning services on Day 1

Step Two:


This will be unavoidable for successful RTO. Employees will be highly aware of the space they are returning to and the 6-foot rule has been implanted in all of us.

can provide any products necessary for:

  • Repositioning seating so employees no longer face each other
  • Attaching movable partitions to sit/stand desks or adding higher panels to existing workstations
  • Installing plexiglass sneeze-guard barriers in reception and other two-way communication areas
  • Separating work areas by installing glass walls
  • Remove excess seating from conference rooms, cafeterias and huddle spaces
  • Create one-way walking patterns through common areas

Step Three:


This may be challenging, but many employees will expect this upon return.

can provide products & services to help:

  • Respace workstations to emphasize the 6-foot rule
  • Rethink, limit, or eliminate open bench seating and shared workspaces
  • Assigning certain employees to work from home on a rotating or permanent basis

Step Four:


This will be paramount to any RTO program, employees will need their organization to following proper protocols.

can provide products & services to help:

  • Consider replacing fabric panels on workstations with easier to clean non-porous materials
  • Offer daily cleaning of individual workspaces
  • Conduct multiple cleanings each day of high-traffic areas like conference rooms, cafeterias, restrooms and doorknobs

The Experience

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