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If you are a pure granular thinker, OMA means “grandmother” in German, “Outlook Mobile Access” as a standards program for email, or “Office Moving Alliance” in its origins as an American business entity.

Does OMA still mean “Office Moving Alliance”; no. Does AT&T still mean “American Telephone and Telegraph”; no. Both firms’ names are represented by these business acronyms that have become the accepted descriptive logo statement that accompanies their graphic logo. The have become “reference” names when people discuss them in dialog or print. Each has morphed into its current fit, form, and function service offering with time. Each offers services that contain the original fit, form, and function as part of their overall global service offerings that typify successful global firms of this era. Their acronyms have matured into a completely different understanding of their services, an understanding that is not burdened with “what does AT&T mean”, or “what does OMA” mean.

“OMA”, in reference, means a business entity owned by its membership. Its membership spans the globe, offering a variety of key transportation, asset management, office moving, final mile delivery, and disposition services. Each member is a highly regarded, capable, successful provider in the geographic area that represents their part of the OMA global footprint. All OMA members work closely together as business partners and within a hieratically structured organization that ensures a local and global quality of predictable service standard.

The OMA of today doesn’t relate to the OMA of fifteen years ago, ten years ago, or five years ago. The OMA of today is an exciting, momentum based  local, national, and global platform of directed and shared resources. It is a stable, predictable and qualitative work environment that can be counted on by its members and their client bases. Within its global boundary is the ability to directly or indirectly pick up, move, put in place or manage client assets anywhere on planet Earth.