What to Expect from OMA; Global Reach!

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The Office Moving Alliance, LLC, a professional global team of like-minded, like resources Partner Members, fits into any business mobility project, any business mobility relationship. Our master plan is to provide, well, everything that a client opportunity needs to start, conduct, and successfully complete a business mobility project. That task / project can be local, statewide, nationwide, or global. OMA’s resources and business mobility strategy match your needs and business mobility challenges. Sound bold? Try us.

OMA’s Capabilities

Local, National, Global professional Mobility Service planner, manager, provider. Communication professionals.

OMA’s Partner Members

OMA’s Partner Members are the owners of OMA; the Global owned resources that work for you.

Service Footprint

Local, National, Global service footprint. Known, managed resources on the same service page with you.

OMA Global Reach

Working with you, OMA provides office moves, installs, receives, delivers, transports product and projects, and much more.

Command and Control

OMA leadership works closely with OMA Partner Members to ensure service standards.

Listening Skills

Knowing your business needs, your expectations and requirements are our key to successfully serving you.

Project Management:

OMA’s professional managers work with you, for you planning; all teams knowing what to do when, where, why, and with who.

Contract Options

Client agreements include contract, proposal, p.o., moves / adds / changes. We can remit invoices and accept payment via all CRM platforms.

Security, Technology

Trustworthy, cybersecurity, OMA knows that it is not our business to share your business.