Working from

Step One:


Before you arbitrarily claim a corner in one of your rooms and decide it's

consider some privacy.

  • Easy access to outlets, good lighting, and if possible a window.
  • Vitamin D and fresh air are truly beneficial.
  • Aim for two sources of lighting.
  • Keep work materials organized to avoid having work throughout your home.
  • Set aside a place for gadgets.

Step Two:


Your home office requirements will depend on the type of work you do.

If you need help creating a detailed list,

Step Three:


This may be challenging, but it's important to create an ergonomically correct work space.

can provide products & services to get:

  • A desk where you can create an ergonomically correct workstation.
  • A comfortable chair, one of the most important components of any office.
  • A desk lamp, for adequate lighting and a comfortable work space.
  • A phone, printer, internet, software, and other IT related essentials.
  • Fire-safe filing and storage needs.

Step Four:


We're all under a lot of pressure these days, which can make work stressful and make it hard to focus. Adding a few personal touches can be a mood booster. Try putting some happy photos, your favorite coffee cup, or meaningful knick-knacks around your space to re-energize you.

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